Oh, great...another blog. I hope this blog won't turn into one of those "I have deep thoughts and you should marvel at the complexity of my mind." Instead, I photograph from 3 to 10 music performances per week and I hope to give you a peek into what I'm seeing. That's all. Hope you stop by once in a while.

Also, if you want to announce an upcoming performance, don't hesitate to post it. You might see me in the audience with my camera, especially if where you are playing has decent lighting.

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John Posada

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What they are saying

"Just wanted to thank you for bringing your incredible talent--you get those pictures that it seems like no one else gets! Thanks again, man--you are a truly talented photographer!"
- Arne Wendt
"Leave it to John Posada to capture lighting in a bottle"
- Marc Ribler
"Ur def the best picture snapper around these parts"
- Todd Gibson Jr., bassist for Dead Wings
Beautiful photo by John Posada. Really captures that feeling of playing great music with the best of friends. Happiness. Thanks John
- Kristian Rex
You made me look thin! You're my new best friend
- Corinne Cavallo of Verity in Stereo 
John, thanks so much taking photos of the Brighton gig. They came out amazing!
- Colton Kayser
You are a talented guy. Glad you came out last night and that you were able to get some nice shots of the band. Thanks for your great work!
- Carl Gentry
Great show with Dead On Live yesterday...amazing photos
- John Merjave
 John is a bit of a magician when it comes to capturing the inside gestures and emotions of the moment.
- Marc Ribler
John, I just got done viewing your photos from Friday, and I can safely say that you are a world class photographer. Wow! You make me proud.
-Mario Casella, Slim Chance and the Gamblers
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